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There is no means for remote access to any CBX services.
Incoming calls (trunk or local) come to a console or telephone and
are answered manually.  There is no voice activated pickup,
automatic pickup (e.g., by telephone answering units and ADP
terminals), or other responses of any kind to incoming calls except
annunciation (initiated by the CBX) to the called station.
Administrative security measures:  Administrative procedures are needed
to ensure that none of the protective measures are intentionally or
inadvertently degraded as a result of hardware or software chances to the
system.  Some of the administrative procedures are described functionally
as requirements to be achieved.  Their implementation may be any
combination of physical security, systems configuration (hardware,
software, and layout), personnel security, and technical countermeasures
appropriate to the particular CBX and installation in question.
An appropriate minimum level of security clearance is determined by
the cognizant agency for personnel having access for any purpose (to
include installation and maintenance) to the station equipment, CBX
components, wiring, and distribution frames located within the PCZ.
Persons not possessing the minimum clearance will not be permitted
access to the system except outside the PCZ or under suitable
administrative safeguards.
Positive barriers exist to prevent all system diagnostics and CBX
software modifications except those from specific programming
stations located within the PCZ.
Only specific designated individuals with appropriate security
clearance have physical access to the programming stations and may
change the system software or hardware configuration.
The integrity and efficacy of the protective measures are to be
assured with a regular program of countermeasures inspections.
Frequently reload the operational program medium from the
certifiably correct master to assure that no unauthorized changes
have occurred.
All system documentation including instructions, manuals,
installation and service practices, system configuration records,
etc. arc to be kept with the CBX in the PCZ.
Dial access or barrier codes are not acceptable means for denying
unauthorized persons access to any CBX features or control
II.  Other considerations:  Most telephone installations of interest to the
U.S. Intelligence Community involve other telephone security considerations
in addition to the fundamental problem of on-hook audio.  Application of the
below listed supplementary measures will realize the full potential of the
CBX to address those concerns:  these measures are recommended by TSP
wherever operationally feasible.


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