Quantcast Higher Frequency Network (>300 kHz, and in some cases down to 30 kHz)

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d .  The network must be configured to minimize conductor path lengths. In facilities where the
equipments to be connected to the ground network are widely separated, more than one network should be
Finally, the conductors of the network are to be routed in a manner that avoids long runs parallel to
primary power conductors, lightning down conductors, or any other conductor likely to be carrying high
amplitude currents.
5.4.2 Higher Frequency Network (>300 kHz, and in some cases down to 30 kHz).
The higher frequency (equipotential) network provides an equal potential plane with the minimum impedance
between the associated electronic components, racks, frames, etc. This plane shall be used at facilities or
areas within facilities where interface frequencies are over 300 kHz and may be used at sites where interface
frequencies are as low as 30 kHz. In higher frequency systems, equipment chassis are frequently used as the
signal reference. The chassis in turn is usually connected to the equipment case at a large number of points to
achieve a low impedance path at the frequencies of interest. See Para. 5.4.3.


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