Quantcast Figure 6-8. Illustration of Inductive Coupling

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This magnetic field will induce a voltage into a nearby signal circuit loop as illustrated in Figure 6-8.
According to Faraday's law (6-1), the induced voltage is
(t) is the induced voltage and
is the total magnetic flux linking the susceptible circuit loop. This
magnetic flux is given by
is the magnetic flux density,
is the absolute permeability of the medium, and
is a small
element of the loop area. Substituting Equation 6-2 into Equation 6-4 and integrating over the area of the loop
in Figure 6-8 gives
are the distances from i(t) to the two sides of the loop which are parallel to i(t), and
is the
length of each of these sides (in meters). This equation gives the total magnetic flux linking a susceptible
Figure 6-8. Illustration of Inductive Coupling


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