Quantcast Appendix A Glossary - hdbk419a_vol10348

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ABSORPTION LOSS -- The attenuation of an electromagnetic wave as it passes through a shield. This loss is
primarily due to induced currents and the associated I2R loss.
AIR TERMINAL -- The lightning rod or conductor placed on or above a building, structure, tower, or external
conductors for the purpose of intercepting lightning.
APERTURE -- An opening in a shield through which electromagnetic energy passes.
BALANCED LINE -- A line or circuit using two conductors instead of one conductor and ground (common
conductor). The two sides of the line are symmetrical with respect to ground. Line potentials to ground and
line currents are equal but of opposite phase at corresponding points along the line.
BOND -- The electrical connection between two metallic surfaces established to provide a low resistance path
between them.
BOND, DIRECT -- An electrical connection utilizing continuous metal-to-metal contact between the
members being joined.
BOND, INDIRECT -- An electrical connection employing an intermediate electrical conductor or jumper
between the bonded members.
BOND, PERMANENT -- A bond not expected to require disassembly for operational or maintenance purposes.
BOND, SEMIPERMANENT -- Bonds expected to require periodic disassembly for maintenance, or system
modification, and that can be reassembled to continue to provide a low resistance interconnection.
BONDING -- The process of establishing the required degree of electrical continuity between the conductive
surfaces of members to be joined.
BUILDING -- The fixed or transportable structure which houses personnel and equipment and provides the
degree of environmental protection required for reliable performance of the equipment housed within.
CABINET -- A protection housing or covering for two or more units or pieces of equipments. A cabinet may
consist of an enclosed rack with hinged doors.
CASE -- A protective housing for a unit or piece of electrical or electronic equipment.
CHASSIS -- The metal structure that supports the electrical components which make up the unit or system.


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