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Warm up equipment according to manufacturer's instructions.
Measure the resistance to earth of the earth electrode subsystem.
(1)  If the earth electrode subsystem is directly accessible through a ground well, connect the
ClPl terminals of the test set directly to a ground rod or the interconnecting cable.
(2)  If the electrode is not directly accessible, connect ClP  l to an interconnecting riser such as a
signal ground cable, the power system grounding conductor, a lightning down conductor, or a structural
grounding connection (see Section 1.2.3).
Enter the measured value of earth resistance on the Facility Maintenance Report Form (Section
Inspect all accessible portions of the system. Particularly look for loose connections, corrosion, and
physical damage. (Take photographs as necessary to show nature of problems for before and after comparisons
and for historical documentation purposes.)  Note any undocumented changes or modifications to system.
Update drawings as needed.
Correct minor deficiencies (e.g., clean surfaces, retighten or replace connectors and fasteners,
reapply protective coatings, etc.).
Major deficiencies should be the subject of a Major Discrepancy Report. After major deficiencies
are corrected, the facility should be reinspected.
Provide other requested information on the inspection form. File the inspection report form along
with supporting data or documentation in the permanent maintenance file for the facility.


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