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1.2 INSPECTION FUNDAMENTALS.  Underwater structures are selected for
inspection based on their use, age, lapsed time since last underwater
inspection,  and type of c o n s t r u c t i o n .  Piers, wharfs, bulkheads, seawalls
and mooring platforms w h i c h d i r e c t l y s u p p o r t f l e e t o p e r a t i o n a l u n i t s r e c e i v e
t h e h i g h e s t p r i o r i t y f o r i n s p e c t i on by Chesapeake Division, FPO-1, Naval
Facilities, E n g i n e e r i n g C o m m a n d .
1.2.1 Frequency of Inspection.  Under most conditions, the recommended
In historically
frequency for underwater inspection is six years.
polluted waters which are being radically cleaned, all wood structures
should be inspected every three years.  In cases of obvious overload or
structural damage, an underwater inspection should be made soon after
d i s c o v e r y o f t h e i n c i d e n t . S p e c i a l i z e d inspections are originally scheduled
according to mission and condition priorities as discussed in paragraph
1.2.  The frequency of re-inspection depends on the type and material of
Construction, water conditions, and the condition assessment.  The most
important of these is the construct ion material wood, steel, or reinforced
concrete. Wood Structures.  Wood structures are prone to a variety of
problems.  B e s i d e s l o c a l a c t i v i t y o f b i o l o g i c a l i n f e s t a t i o n a s s h o w n i n
Figure 1-1 on wood marine structures, there may be structural damage due to
overloading,  impact, abrasion, and loosening connections.  In areas where
marine animal infestation is, or has been a problem, the frequency of
inspection is increased.
Figure l-l
Example of Marine Borer Attack
NCEL is conducting research to better determine the rate of
deterioration and optimum frequency for underwater structures.


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