Quantcast Steel Structures - mo104_20011

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Custom Search Steel Structures.  Steel Structures are prone to damage by
corrosion as shown in Figure 1-2 and/or structural overloading.  The age of
the structure is the primary factor because the rate of deterioration due to
corrosion is fairly constant.  Steel quaywalls and bulkheads should be
inspected more frequently when small holes or corrosion are discovered,
especially at the mudline.
Figure l-2
Cleaning Reveals Extreme I-Beam Corrosion. Concrete Structures. The factors affecting the
deterioration of concrete structures are chemical effects, freeze-thaw
cycling, overloading, mechanical damage, and age. Concrete in a saltwater
environment deteriorates chemically with time. The surface spalling of
concrete piles becomes significant to the structure/load bearing capability
as the reinforcing steel becomes exposed and corrodes.  Cracks due to
overloading, impact, or installation are more significant; they allow
saltwater direct access to the pile interior, therefore increasing


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