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specialized inspection reports provide information for structural
assessments based on damaged or deteriorated structural support elements of
a f a c i l i t y .  The vertical load capability of individual piles in a pier will
be calculated and may be projected on a statistical basis to estimate a
vertical load capacity of a section of a pier.
1.5.3 Condition Evaluation.  The activity Commanding Officer has the
responsibility to report the overall condition evaluation and to request an
engineering structural analysis when required.  Information in the
specialized inspection report may not be adequate to determine the rating
factor for the Activity's shore base readiness report. The specialized
underwater inspection does not attempt to analyze lateral forces on the
structure; however, if there is any doubt of the structural integrity, a
recommendation will be made that a complete engineering investigation be
made.  The complete investigation should include both vertical and lateral
load capability of the overall structure.  If the activity does not have a
qualified engineer to make a full structural analysis, an Engineering
Service Request (ESR) should be forwarded to the geographical Naval
Facilities Engineering Command Field Division requesting assistance. In
addition to the defect descriptions in the underwater inspection report, the
activity should provide other data such as ships to be berthed, wind,
currents, waves and seismic conditions.


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