Quantcast Safety -Cont.

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Never use pliers on parts designed to be used with wrenches.
10 .
Always pull on a wrench instead of pushing.
Avoid pounding on a wrench or using "cheater bars" to obtain
greater turning torque.
Wrenches should always fit snugly.  Poorly fitted wrenches will
ruin nut and bolt heads.  They may slip and cause injury to the service
Always "crack" valves before opening.
13 .
Always have good lighting and good ventilation.
14 .
Never use gasoline or other flammable materials when cleaning.
15 .
Its effects are
Never use carbon tetrachloride for cleaning.
cumulative in the body.
Many components are quite fragile.  Parts may be ruined by over-
tightening nuts and bolts, not tightening them in the correct order, or
using the wrong size wrench.
18 .  Always disconnect the electrical circuit or make sure that
electrical devices are safe before starting on a job.  An electrical short
across a ring or wrist watch can cause a severe burn.  It is best to remove
rings and wrist watches when working on electrical equipment.
19.  Many electrical shocks occur when the service technician comes in
contact with an electrical current and a ground.  Avoid working on any elec-
trical circuit if standing on a damp floor or if one hand is touching a
water pipe.
Do not wear gloves, ties, or loose clothing around moving machinery.
20 .
21.  Do not service parts while the equipment is operating, unless
guards or other adequate protection are provided.
22.  Before repairing controls and motors, open the electrical switches
to them.  Tag or lock-open the switches to prevent accidents or short
circuits.  Wear goggles during grinding operations.
In addition to the aforementioned safety precautions, specific safety
requirements for equipment or system conditions will be identified
throughout the text where appropriate.
Safety precautions, safe maintenance practices, and safety policy are
covered in detail in NAVFAC Instruction 5100.11.  All maintenance personnel
should be familiar with the contents of this instruction.


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