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When a fire occurs, it is very important to:
Keep your head and attempt to extinguish it
Protect the safety of all individuals
Notify the fire department
Do all of the above
Keep all combustibles from the immediate areas where fires can
be started such as:
Welding areas
Trash-burning areas
Boiler rooms
All of the above
Ql-10 All flammables, such as gasoline, paints, oils, kerosene and
cleaning fluids, should be kept in:
Closed labeled containers in a special metal locker or
A container closest to the areas to be used
A place under the building
Q1-11 The best way to prevent fires is to:
Be safety conscious and observe the rules at all times
Keep all valves and switches open at all times
Never use noninflammable liquids
Call the fire department each time you use a
flammable material
Q1-12 Hand tools should never be used which are:
Oily and greasy
Heavy and cumbersome
Checked out to another person
Usable only one time
Q1-13 A screwdriver should never be used as a
Pry bar
All of the above
Ql-14 When using a screwdriver, the stock or material worked on
should never be:
Hand held
Case hardened
Vise held
Oiled with penetrating oil


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