Quantcast Chapter 2. Self Study Questions -Cont.

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If the average measured velocity through the 20-inch diameter is
600 ft/min, the quantity of air flowing through the duct is:
1,320 cfm
188,496 cfm
5,236 cfm
1,667 cfm
A system is handling 10,000 cfm at 600 rpm, 1.1 inch of static
pressure, and 6 hp.  It is desired to increase the airflow by
10 percent.  Calculate the new cfm, rpm, static pressure, and hp.
Q2-10 The pulley on a shaft rotating at 600 rpm is increased from 4
to 4.5 inches.  What is the new rpm for the pulley?
Q2-11 For the two curves shown below, identify the system curve and the
fan curve.
Q2-12 What is point C in No. 11?


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