Quantcast Maintenance and Operation -Cont.

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The following are problems specific to mechanical ventilation cooling
systems along with some possible causes.
Shutter slams shut when fan turns off:
l Exhaust area in attic is not large enough.
l Closing spring tension is too great.
l Inlet opening area into building is not large enough.
Fans make a deep "wooping" type sound when in operation:
l Exhaust area in attic is not large enough.
Moisture appears on walls and on floors when air conditioning is turned
off and mechanical ventilation fan is turned on:
Moisture in the air is being condensed because the surfaces in
the structure have a temperature below the dew point of the
air.  Continued operation of the fan will warm up the surfaces
and the moisture will evaporate.
Window screens tend to become plugged with dirt:
The screens are acting as air filters and removing airborne
dust and dirt particles.  This is a common occurrence with
these types of systems.  Screens require increased cleaning or
transfer grills with filters in them can be installed on the
exterior walls.
Standing pilots tend to blow out when fan is in operation:
Stoves:  This may occur when excessive drafts blow across the
stove.  Opening different windows should resolve the problem.
Water heaters:  Excessive negative pressures will cause the
outside air to move down the heater flue and blow out the
pilot.  Open more windows.  Provide an outside source of
combustion air and seal the area where the water heater is
located from the area being ventilated, will eliminate the


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