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TM5-683/NAVFAC MO-116/AFJMAN 32-1083
1-1. Purpose and scope.
practices for electrical systems and equipment used
in industrial-type applications.
This manual provides guidance to facilities mainte-
nance personnel in the maintenance of interior elec-
1-4. Maintenance requirements.
trical systems of 600 volts and less. These systems
Preventive maintenance should not be confused
include such components as illumination, low volt-
with repairs after a breakdown. The definition of
age systems, rotating equipment, motor control cen-
maintenance implies that the equipment or system
ters, solid-state equipment, transformers, and
is inspected to discover its weaknesses and then
switchgear. It also applies to low voltage controlled
repair or replace the necessary elements before a
devices on high-voltage systems. The procedures
breakdown occurs. A maintenance program for pro-
presented in this manual are basic and can be ap-
tective devices and the electric system could be di-
plied to the equipment of any manufacturer. De-
vided into the following steps: inspecting, cleaning,
tailed information and instructions should be ob-
tightening, lubricating, testing, and recording.
tained from the instruction book for the particular
a. The effectiveness of the distribution system is
type of equipment being serviced.
measured in terms of voltage regulation, power fac-
tor, load balance, reliability, efficiency of operation,
and costs. To ensure the system's efficiency, lessen
1-2. References.
failures, and maximize safety, an effective mainte-
Appendix A contains a list of references used in this
nance program must be employed. This program
should include and/or consider the following:
(1) Scope of work.
1-3. Codes and specifications.
(2) Intervals of performance.
Maintenance on electrical systems and equipment
(3) Methods of application.
(4) Safety requirements, practices and proce-
must adhere to the codes and specifications as they
apply to the work to be performed. Also, manufac-
(5) Adherence to codes, specifications and di-
turers' maintenance instructions which accompany
select electrical components must be applied in con-
(6) Maintenance management procedures re-
junction with the codes and specifications listed be-
garding tools, records, and follow-up procedures.
low and the departmental specifications listed in
(7) Hazards associated with work and the facil-
appendix A.
a. The National Electrical Code [National Fire
(8) Emergency operating instructions.
Protection Association #70 (NFPA 70)]. This code is
(9) Requirements for periodic review to deter-
the most widely adopted set of electrical safeguard-
mine additional loading in circuits such as in family
ing practices. It defines approved types of conduc-
housing, bachelor quarters, and maintenance and
tors and equipment, acceptable wiring methods,
administrative buildings.
mandatory and advisory rules, operating voltages,
b. A well executed maintenance program will
limitations on loading of conductors, required work-
provide benefits in terms of:
ing spaces, methods of guarding energized parts,
(1) Economic operation.
interrupting capacity requirements of system pro-
(2) Improved safety.
tective and control devices, requirements for con-
(3) Longer equipment life.
nections and splices, insulation resistance require-
(4) Reduced repair and overhaul time.
ments, and grounding requirements.
(5) Fewer unplanned outages.
b. Recommended Practice for Electrical Equip-
(6) Early detection of undesirable changes in
ment Maintenance (NFPA 70 B).
the power system.
C . American National Standards Institute/
(7) Improved operation of the facility.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
1-5. Records.
Standard (ANSI/IEEE Std.) chapter 15, 242-1986,
IEEE Recommended Practice for Protection and Co-
A good record keeping system is essential for safe,
ordination of Industrial and Commercial Power Sys-
efficient and economical operation of electrical facil-
tems. This code provides preventive maintenance
ities and for planning and executing an effective


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