Quantcast Hazards

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TM5-683/NAVFAC MO-116/AFJMAN 32-1083
health care facilities. Such areas designed as "Haz-
Each building should be inspected for loose wires,
ards Locations," as specified in Article 500 of the
poor connections, bare conductors, unauthorized or
National Electrical Code, require special and equip-
nonstandard attachment cords, use of wiring or fix-
tures as support for extraneous items, any condi-
ment considerations. These considerations include
the use of special fittings, rigid conduit, and
tions likely to cause fires and lamps larger than the
standard size prescribed for outlets.
explosion-proof apparatus. Maintenance personnel
b. Hazardous locations. Special occupancy areas
must ensure that all work performed in a hazardous
area complies with the code requirements for the
include garages, aircraft hangars, gasoline dispens-
area's particular hazard classification.
ing and service stations, bulk storage plants, and


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