Quantcast Table 2-1. U.S. Standard Bolt Torques for Bus Connections Heat Treated Steel

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TM 5-683/NAWAC MO-116/AFJMAN 32-1083
have the bus bars cleaned annually with clean, dry
control applications. It is recommended that power
circuit breakers be inspected once a year after in-
compressed air at a maximum pressure of 50
pounds per square inch. Plug-in devices should be
stallation. More frequent inspections are recom-
mended where severe load conditions, dust, mois-
serviced using the same procedures as other
ture or other unfavorable conditions exist, or if the
switches or breakers. The plug-in bus or prongs
vital nature of the load warrants it. Any breaker
should be checked annually for annealing or corro-
sion on all connections which are rated in excess to
that has interrupted a fault at or near its short
circuit rating should be inspected immediately after
75 percent of the rating of the bus duct. Connections
should not be retorqued as part of a routine main-
the interruption and serviced if necessary. Re-
tenance procedure unless visibly loose or shown to
energize equipment completely before working on
be loose by an infrared scan. All busway connections
any devices, connections, bus work, breaker or
should be torqued according to manufactures rec-
feeder cable compartments. This includes de-
ommendations. If this information is not available,
energizing any connections to outside primary or
use the torque specifications in table 2-1. Inspect to
secondary sources such as transformers, tie lines,
ensure that:
etc. Manufacturer's instruction documents should
a. Ventilation continues to be adequate.
also be obtained and read carefully before disassem-
b. Clearances are maintained and encroachment
bly or adjustments are performed.
from other equipment facilities has not occurred.
a. Drawout circuit breakers. A drawout-type
breaker should be tested and inspected for proper
2-6. Power circuit breakers.
operation as follows:
Power circuit breakers encompass all breakers ex-
(1) Withdraw the breaker to the "test" position.
cept molded case breakers and breakers used for
This position disconnects the primary power circuit


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