Quantcast Figure 2-6. Main contact wipe

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MO-1 16/AFJMAN 32-1083
Figure 2-6. Main contact wipe.
lubricate pins and bearings not disassembled. Use a
menta for excessive wear are possible for certain
non-hardening and non-conductive grease
parts. For others, replacement is necessary. The
cate the ground or polished surfaces of cams,
closing and tripping action of a breaker should be
rollovers, latches and props, pins and bearings that
quick and positive. While documenting, operate the
are removed for cleaning. Check the breaker oper-
breaker several times, checking for obstructions or
ating mechanism adjustments and readjust as de-
excessive friction. Any binding, slow action, delay in
scribed in the manufacture% instruction book. If
speration, or failure to trip or latch must be con-
these adjustments cannot be made within specified
rected prior to returning to service. Clean and
tolerances, it will usually indicate excessive wear
relubricate the operating mechanism. Use a
and the need for a complete overhaul.
nondetergent light machine oil (SAE-20 or 30) to


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