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TM 5-683/NAVFAC M-116/AFJMAN 32-1083
Figure 4-8. Greasing Bearings: a) Wipe away dirt from fitting or plug, b) Remove lower plug, C) Catch any run-out,
d) Add new grease, e) Run motor and allow excess grease to escape, f) Install and tighten lower plug.
in a characteristic whereby motor speed is a func-
same as the armature voltage, however, special field
tion of load. Thus, the series motor is a variable
voltage ratings of 15 to 600 volts are available for
speed motor.
application as a modification. The shunt motor is
c. Compound motors. A motor which is built with
characterized by its relatively small speed change
both shunt and series fields is termed a compound
under changing load.
wound motor (fig 411c). By proportioning the rela-
b. Series motors. As the term implies, series mo-
tive amounts of series and shunt windings, the de-
tors have their field windings connected in series
signer may shift the motor characteristics to be
with the armature circuit, therefore, it carries full
more nearly shunt or more nearly series in nature.
motor current (fig 4-11b). Series connection results


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