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TM 5-683/NAVFAC MO-116/AFJMAN 32-1083
b. For incandescent lamps, line voltage greater
(1) Plan to replace all fluorescent lamps in a
than the maximum lamp range will increase the
given area upon completion of 80 percent of rated
burning life. Keep records of dates, costs, and other
light output but will shorten the lamp life. Line
pertinent information as necessary to determine the
voltage less than the minimum lamp range will
realized savings.
extend lamp life but will reduce light output by
(2) While the existing lamps are lighted, pick
approximately three percent for each one percent
the best 20 percent of old lamps and save for replace-
drop in voltage.
ment stock. Choose only the brightest and cleanest
c. For HID lamps, line voltage greater than the
lamps for this purpose. Discard the remainder. In-
maximum ballast range will shorten lamp and bal-
stall new lamps in all sockets. Use the replacement
last life. Line voltage less than the minimum ballast
stack to replace the first 20 percent of individual
range will reduce light output and may cause uncer-
lamps as they burn out. When all of the replacement
tain starting.
lamps have been used, make another complete re-
d. With the more common lamps and circuits,
placement of lamps and repeat the process.
continuous flashing or blinking will destroy the
starter, shorten lamp life and possibly damage
9-7. Lamp trouble-shooting.
the ballast. Whenever possible, replacement bal-
Light sources operate most efficiently and economi-
lasts should be of the "P''-rated type that have
cally at their rated voltages. Operation outside their
internal temperature sensitive overload protec-
normal operating range is undesirable. Both
tion. This is not always possible as "P" ballasts
undervoltage and overvoltage conditions have detri-
may not operate satisfactorily in equipment that
mental effects on the life, efficiency, and economy of
is otherwise satisfactory. Original type ballasts
the light sources. These effects are as follows:
should be used if available. Replacement ballasts
a. For fluorescent lamps, line voltage greater
should be of the type having an overload circuit
than the maximum ballast range will shorten lamp
opening device. Other more common troubles en-
and ballast life. Line voltage less than the minimum
countered with lamp equipment, the probable
ballast range will also shorten lamp life, reduce
causes and the suggested solutions are listed in
illumination and may cause uncertain starting. Fre-
table 9-1.
quent starting will shorten lamp life.


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