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TM 5-683/NAVFAC MO-116/AFJMAN 32-1083
Figure 12-4. Grounding clamps.
12-5. Rotating equipment.
b. Do not lay tools on the equipment while you
are working. It is too easy to forget a tool when
The safety tips below must be followed when work-
closing an enclosure.
ing on rotating equipment:
c. Circuit breakers and switches are rated at
a. All rotating machinery must be carefully and
maximum capacity and must not be used beyond
thoroughly inspected for foreign objects before being
this limit for fear of exploding an under-rated de-
started. This inspection must cover the machine
both inside and outside. Loose articles lying on the
d. If the enclosure is to be opened for any work at
base, pedestals, frame or blocking may fall or be
all, make sure power is off the bus. The insulating
drawn into the rotating parts; articles inside the
coating on the buswork is not sufficient to protect
machine may be thrown out.
personnel working around it.
b. Do not wear neckties or any other loose cloth-
e. Knife switches must not be used to open power
ing, or carry loose tools that may get caught in
circuits, except for certain approved types of en-
rotating machinery.
closed switches designed for that purpose. Before
c. At all times, the frames of all machinery, in-
closing a disconnecting switch, make sure that con-
cluding portable hand tools, must be securely
ditions are safe for such an operation. Then throw
the switch with a swift action without hesitation.
d. While a machine is in motion or has voltage
Keep the body away from the front of these enclo-
applied, brushes shall not be shifted. Even when
sures when operating them. Turn your head to pre-
inspecting brushes, the voltage should not be re-
vent being burned from a possible flash.
moved and extreme caution must be observed.
f. Maintenance closing devices for switchgear are
not suitable for closing in on an energized system.
e. The commutators of DC machines must not be
cleaned while voltage is applied. If cleaning is nec-
12-4. Capacitors.
essary, disconnect the source of power and allow the
Before changing capacitor connections or doing
machine to coast while the operation is being per-
work of any kind on them, discharge the capacitors
with a properly insulated medium from terminal to
f. Never open a field circuit unless some means
terminal, terminals to case, and case to ground.
is available to limit the induced voltage. Cutting in
Remember to keep capacitors short-circuited when
a discharge resistance is effective and protects an
not in use.
operator from injury and the machine from damage.


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