Quantcast Chapter 15. Maintenance Schedules

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TM 5-683/NAVFAC MO-116/AFJMAN 32-1083/
15-1. Personnel.
nance are very important. A properly developed and
implemented electrical preventive maintenance
This chapter sets up timetables for maintenance
program minimizes equipment failure. However,
actions. Whenever the electrical shop/electrician or
performing maintenance at too frequent intervals is
the electrical supervisor is mentioned, it refers to
expensive, both in labor and material costs, but
the appropriate shop or individual responsible to
sometimes this can also cause failure. Thus there is
the facilities engineer, the public works officer, the
a general optimum interval between scheduled pre-
base civil engineer or to the appropriate individual
ventive maintenance instances. Table 15-1 lists the
having responsibility for the maintenance of real
data regarding percentage of failures since last
property facilities. The user or using service is the
maintenance. From this table, the following conclu-
occupant actually benefiting from the service. The
sions regarding maintenance frequency can be
maintenance group consists of personnel who are
responsible for the routine scheduled maintenance
a. One year or less interval for scheduled main-
of real property facilities. This group may or may
tenance of all electrical equipment combined as a
not have affiliated electrical personnel. The opera-
general rule is desirable.
tor has the responsibility for starting, operating and
b. One year interval for circuit breaker is appro-
securing the equipment when not in use.
15-2. Responsibilities.
c. Two year interval for motors (DC motors may
need more frequent maintenance compared to AC
The responsibility for maintenance of all real prop-
motors) should be sufficient (bearings may need
erty electrical items will be assigned to the electri-
more attention).
cal shop/electrician. For example, the electrical
d. Two year interval for transformers.
shop/electrician is responsible for electric motors
e. This interval needs to be adjusted for specific
and pertinent controls that power such equipment
equipment, type of duty, operating environment and
as air conditioners, boilers and water pipes, even
quality of maintenance. Quality of maintenance can
though the overall responsibility for the powered
be factored into the failure rate by using multipliers
equipment is assigned to other shops. While most of
the electrical maintenance will be accomplished by
shown in table 15-2. For example, poor quality of
personnel in the electrical shop/electrician, it is of-
motor maintenance will double (1.97 in table 15-2)
ten more logical and economical to have certain
its failure rate for the same maintenance interval,
tasks, particularly preventive maintenance, accom-
whereas perfect maintenance reduces the failure
plished by other personnel. Such tasks will be deter-
rate (given in table 15-4) by 16 percent. The preven-
mined by the electrical supervisor who, through co-
tive maintenance inspection and service frequencies
ordination and inspection, assures adequacy of the
that follow (tables 15-3 and 15-4) are guides which
work performed. Often the user or other shops have
may be modified to meet local requirements. When-
the capability to perform periodic electrical mainte-
ever manpower constraints prevent the facilities
nance. For example, air conditioning mechanics
manager in following the suggested maintenance
generally have the capability to service motors and
frequency, procuring outside contractors is an op-
controls associated with their responsibilities. In
tion. However, if budgetary constraints make this
designating tasks for others, the electrical supervi-
an impossible task, then maintenance should be
sor will be guided by their capabilities. In tables
scheduled as close to the suggested interval as pos-
15-3 and 15-4 entries in the column headed "respon-
sible. Exceptions should not be made for maintain-
sibility" indicate the suggested groups that might be
ing equipment and facilities which serve critical
expected to perform the listed maintenance work at
loads and functions. The maintenance group or user
typical military installations. These suggested as-
should immediately report any defects beyond their
signments may be changed to suit local conditions
repair capability to the electrical shop/electrician.
and capabilities.
They should keep records of all defects in the sys-
tem and corrective actions taken to repair these
15-3. Frequencies and procedures.
defects. The table inputs are self-explanatory. The
Of many factors involved in reliability of equip-
references are to sections in this manual covering
ment, timely and high quality preventive mainte-
procedures of inspections and maintenance.


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