Quantcast Chapter 1. Introduction to Inspection of Vertical Transportation Equipment

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1.1.1 Objective
The objective of this manual is to provide a guide for use by Navy personnel involved in
performing periodic and routine inspections of Vertical Transportation Equipment (VTE). This
manual covers the safety areas of the devices and includes steps to ensure that the inspection also
includes areas of the equipment that will help determine if proper maintenance is being
performed. This manual is not intended to provide a step by step procedure document, but is to
be used as a guide by an experienced person to ensure that a complete examination and
evaluation of the equipment is accomplished. In addition, the manual is also designed for use by
public works personnel as a maintenance evaluation guide and overall reference document and
should provide a better understanding of vertical transportation equipment and the need for
proper maintenance.
1.1.2 VTE Inspector Duties
The duties of the person making an inspection are as follows:
a. In making an initial inspection of existing installations, the inspector shall determine
whether all parts of the installation conform to the requirements of the applicable code or
regulations and whether the required safety devices function as required therein. In addition, the
inspector shall examine the equipment to determine present condition and make
recommendations for needed repairs or modifications.
b. In making routine inspections, or periodic inspections and tests of existing installations,
the inspector shall determine that the equipment is in a safe operating condition, has not been
altered except in conformity to the applicable code or regulations, and performs in accordance
with test requirements. The inspector shall also examine the equipment to verify that it is being
maintained in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and make recommendations for
needed repairs or modifications.
c. To report the results of the inspection in accordance with the applicable regulations. It is
not the functions or duty of inspectors to make any repairs or adjustments to the equipment.


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