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1.1.3 Responsibility
Responsibility for inspection, certification, annual testing, and inspection funding of all
vertical transportation equipment remains with the Commanding officer or his duly appointed
representative of the activity. The Commanding officer or his representative shall be responsible
for scheduling all inspections and tests of vertical transportation equipment.
1.1.4 Definitions
ANSI - American National Standards Institute.
ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
CO - Commanding Officer.
Contract Speed - The speed specified in contract documents, at which the elevator is intended
to operate.
Dumbwaiters - A hoisting and lowering mechanism with a car of limited capacity and size
which moves in guides in a substantially vertical direction and is used exclusively for carrying
Elevators - A hoisting and lowering mechanism, equipped with a car or platform which moves
in guide rails and serves two or more landings.
EFD - Engineering Field Division.
EIC - Engineer in Charge.
Enforcing Authority - NAVFACENGCOM certified elevator inspector.
Escalators - A power-driven, inclined, continuous stairway used for raising or lowering
Levellators - Platform lift with less than 6 foot of travel and less than 2,500 pounds capacity,
permanently installed level with lower landing, or level with landing at top of travel.
Manlift - a manlift is a device consisting of a power-driven endless belt moving in one
direction only, and provided with steps or platforms and handholds attached to it for the
transportation of personnel from floor to floor.


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