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1.2.4 Audits
Audits of vertical transportation systems and equipment shall be performed by the
NAVFACENGCOM Engineering Field Divisions on one third of the shore activities within the
geographic area of each EFD per year. The audit shall determine if all vertical transportation
systems and equipment are being inspected as recommended by this manual, whether inventory
records are being properly maintained and if VTE is receiving adequate maintenance. Copies of
all audit reports shall be forwarded to the NAVFAC VTE program manager at
CHESNAVFACENGCOM for review. Formal audits are conducted to insure safety, reliability
and to review the elevator maintenance program.
1.2.5 Inventory
An inventory of all VTE shall be accomplished by each activity and updated every year. The
inventories shall be forwarded to the geographical EFD with a copy to the NAVFAC VTE
Program Manager at CHESNAVFACENGCOM. As new systems are accepted by the
Government, they shall be entered on the activity's inventory and the revised inventory forwarded
to the geographical EFD with a copy to CHESNAVFACENGCOM.
1.3.1 Qualifications of Inspectors
All personnel performing inspections and tests of vertical transportation systems and
equipment shall be qualified as follows: Activity and EFD Personnel shall be certified by NAVFACENGCOM to inspect the
VTE after having satisfied the requirements OF a, b, or c as follows:
a. (1) At least three years of journeyman experience in the Electrical or Mechanical
Trades, or
(2) Technical education with a recognized Engineering degree, or
(3) Three years of experience as an Engineering Technician, or
(4) One year of experience in the design, installation, construction, maintenance or
inspection of elevators, platform lifts, dumbwaiters or escalators.


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