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f. Small metal mirror to be used in examining wire ropes or other parts of equipment
normally inaccessible.
g. Safety hat (nonconductive).
h. Rope caliper.
i. sheave groove gage.
j. Copy of this manual.
k. Copy of the latest edition of the ANSI/ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevator and
l. Copy of the latest edition of the ANSI/ASME A17.2 Inspector's Manual for Elevators and
m. Stop watch.
n. Tachometer, preferably one provided with a 1 ft. circumference wheel for measuring
speeds, or one that reads directly in feet per minute.
o. Meter, to check grounding continuity, correct phasing and verification of voltages.
p. Spirit level.
q. Door test scale (gage) to check closing door force.
r. Suitable light meter for measuring light level in foot-candles (lux).
1.4.1 Before Making An Inspection Equipment Profile. Each piece of vertical transportation equipment should have a
complete historical record of the equipment and pertinent data relating to the installation.
Additionally, a history relating to the installation is also imperative. (See sample forms at the end
of each specific chapter) This information should be available from the Public Works
Department. A complete review of this data should be made prior to commencing an inspection. Entry and Exit Meeting. It is Navy policy to inform the Public Works point of contact


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