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requires that the control switches for the cab lights be key operated or located under locked
cover, and when service cabinets are used, they normally serve as the locked cover for this
switch. Therefore, a service cabinet which is not secured is a A17.1 Code violation.
2.2.4 Car Doors
Scrape marks on the inside of the car doors are not always a sign of misuse of the elevator
user. In fact, the majority of the marks are caused by improper maintenance. Worn or
misaligned guides, worn or damaged hangers or hanger rollers are prime reasons. Another cause
is screws protruding from the back of the car operating panel. This occurs after repairs are made
in the car station using improper fastenings.
2.2.5 Car Sill
Door sills should not be damaged and should be kept clean. Good door operation is essential
for a good operating elevator. Every component of the car door and hoistway door system is a
critical factor in good door operation. If any component is not properly positioned and
maintained, the entire elevator system is in trouble. The examination of these systems is
best done from the top of the car and therefore, will be fully addressed later in the section.
2.2.6 Freight Elevator Enclosures
Freight handling elevators are, by their intended use, subject to damage. Just because it is a
freight elevator, the degree of inspection should not be lessened. In fact, it should be
strengthened because of its vulnerability to damage. Car gates are a prime example whether they
are of the open type construction (example: wire mesh, expanded metal, wooden slate, etc.) or
solid panels. Many times you will find damaged gates. Open type construction is very
susceptible to distortion and could result in compromising the protection required by the A17.1
Code. This must be constantly checked. Vision panels seem to be the major victim on solid
gates. There is no question that the car must not be allowed to operate with a missing glass,
however, attention should be given to see that replacement glass is the type required by rule
204.2e(2) of A17.1 Code. The same close examination should be given to the door system on
this type of elevator that is given to passenger type elevator doors. They are also essential to a
good operating elevator.
2.2.7 Firefighter's Service Instructions
All elevators installed under the requirements of the 1981 edition of the A17.1 or later are
required to have instructions for operating the elevator under Phase II - Fire Fighter's Service
permanently mounted adjacent to or incorporated with the switch. This should be in place and
properly displayed.


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