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2.2.8 Performance
Elevator performance must be checked and compared with previous test data and criteria.
This would include door opening time, door closing time, door hold open time and floor to floor
performance times. Also, acceleration, deceleration, and floor stopping accuracy must be
included. This will determine if the system is operating at its full potential or if adjustments are
needed to obtain a system operating at design capabilities. Unusual noises should also be noted.
Close investigation can be made by qualified personnel when making the inspection on top of the
car, in the pit, or in the machine room.
2.3.1 Hoistway Entrances
Division 102 of the A17.2 Manual describes the various inspections which are to be made
from outside the hoistway. Hoistway entrances are the major items that are examined at this
time. Items 100.1 to 100.5 as well as item 103.12 and 103.13 of the A17.2 Manual are included
by reference in the examination procedure of the hoistway enclosure and doors. Dependent on
the manufacturer and application, some of the items included in 103.12 and 103.13 are better
examined with the car at the floor and the doors and gates in the open position.
2.3.2 Closing Force
Division 119 of the A17.2 Manual covers the testing of the closing force of the door system.
It is a simple test, and it is good practice to do it on each inspection. The code requires it to be
done at least annually, but it does not preclude it being done more often.
2.3.3 Access Switch Operation
Item 102.2 of the A17.2 Manual requires the examination of the hoistway access switch or
switches. Some manufacturers and specifications require the operating zone of this feature to be
zoned in such a manner that the car movement in the down direction be restricted. Extreme
caution should be used when operating this feature.
2.3.4 Emergency Key Access
Item 102.3b of the A17.2 Manual covers the examination of the emergency key access to the
hoistway. The access hole through the hoistway door is specifically designed to limit its use.
However, these are very often modified to allow access with the use of screw drivers, coat
hangers, etc.


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