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2.4.2 Wire Rope Inspection
The inspection procedures described in Division 103 are very complete and should be
followed very closely. one of the procedures described is hoist rope inspections. Figures 2-4
through 2-6 are provided to show the various roping arrangements which may be encountered.
2.4.3 Car Top
The inspector should check to see that the car top and associated equipment have been
cleaned. A clean installation definitely eliminates a fire hazard and increases the operating life of
the equipment plus assures good operation. Many broken and worn parts are discovered during
the cleaning process and are repaired or replaced long before they result in a shut down.
2.4.4 Door Operator
Door operator equipment should be closely checked for broken or worn parts. The door
operator is subject to much physical abuse because of its constant operation. Leaking or exposed
lubrication is usually associated with a developing problem such as deteriorated seals or enlarged
openings resulting from wear. The condition should be closely checked. Good housekeeping on
the door operator and associated equipment is essential to reduce wear.
2.4.5 Hoistway Entrances
Each hoistway entrance and its associated hardware should be closely checked for wear,
adjustment and proper lubrication during each inspection. (See Figures 2-7 and 2-8) Because of
its constant use, it must be kept in top condition. Doors out of adjustment do not operate
properly, This directly relates to the overall installation performance. It is an absolute must to
check door and eccentric adjustments on hanger rollers on horizontal sliding doors. Wear,
resulting from use, requires the continuing adjustment of the close operating tolerance. When
not properly adjusted to this close tolerance, there is a possibility the door could come off the
track, exposing a hazardous condition. Hoistway door equipment is subject to heavy
accumulation of lint and dust. Constant attention must be given to these areas by the person
performing maintenance to keep up with housekeeping requirements. It is the inspector's
responsibility to check and see that they are kept clean or shut downs will result.


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