Quantcast Hoistway Ventilation

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2.4.6 Covers And Guards
The inspector should check to see that all covers and guards are in place. They are provided to
prevent accidental contact with moving devices or exposed electrical components. This
protection is not being provided if the cover or guard is not properly mounted in place.
2.4.7 Hoistway Ventilation
The means for hoistway ventilation should be examined. Many times ventilation means have
been found blocked either accidentally or intentionally.
2.4.8 Wiring
All electrical wiring should be checked for damage. Many times conductors and conduit have
become damaged when working around the car top or hoistway. This must be constantly
inspected to maintain a safe environment.
2.4.9 Guides
The inspector should closely examine the car guides and counterweight guides for wear, and
that proper adjustment has been maintained.
2.4.10 Hoistway Housekeeping
The hoistway should be kept clean. Build-up of lint, dirt and trash on beams, ledges, brackets
and hoistway entrance sills presents a serious fire hazard. A spark can and does cause a fast
moving flash fire.
2.4.11 Load Weighing Devices
Many cars are equipped with load weighing devices. These are used for various control
functions. The most popular is the "by passing of corridor calls" when the car has reached a
predetermined load or dispatching a car from a floor when it is loaded. These should be checked
to see that switches are operational and periodically checked to see that load settings are
remaining constant. These devices are provided to improve elevator performance and must be


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