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b. Machine room access door hardware is very often found not meeting all requirements of the
A17.1 Code. Machine rooms have controlled access, and must be secured by lock and key or
combination locks.
c. Machine rooms and machinery spaces are not to be used for storing non-elevator related
items. Absolutely no flammable items are permitted.
2.5.13 Machine Room Access
Access to machine rooms and machinery spaces must always be checked. Not only to assure
that the usual ladders, stairs, lights, railings, etc. are kept in first class condition, but to be sure
that the access is not infringed on by building changes. A prime example: air conditioning is
added and the contractor has installed a large duct right through the access right of way requiring
the person who enters the machine room to crawl under the duct. Public safety may be directly
dependent on rescue personnel getting to the elevator equipment in a hurry. The other
consideration is the possible need to move large heavy equipment in and out of the machine
2.6.1 Scope
DIVISION 105 of A17.2 Manual describes the various inspections that are made in the pit.
These should be followed very closely. The beginning of this Division describes various safety
precautions that should be followed when making this part of the inspection.
2.6.2 Housekeeping
Trash and dirt in the pit is an extreme hazard. Fire potential becomes a great concern. This
not only means dirt on the floor, but it also means dirt and dust on the equipment which can be
considered a health hazard. Be sure equipment is kept clean and dry.
2.6.3 Counterweight Runby
Check runby clearance between counterweight and buffer. Rope stretch does occur and
re-adjustments have to be made.


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