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The inspection should verify that all hoistway equipment is undamaged and functional and that
all fastenings are tight. If the screw column is in tension, verify that the support fastenings at or
near the top of the hoistway are tight and there is no evidence of damage or distortion. If the
screw column is in compression, verify that the support means at or near the bottom of the
hoistway are intact and there is not evidence of damage or distortion. Check screw column
guides or stabilizing supports to verify that they are intact and functional. If the screw column is
made up of more than one section, special attention should be given to the joints to verify
that there is no indication of shifting or separation of the sections. Utilize procedure previously
described in this chapter for inspection of items common to screw column and traction elevators.
observe extreme care when moving the car with the access panel open. Be sure the contact on
the access panel is restored for normal operation and that the access panel is properly closed and
locked before leaving the car.
2.9.3 Outside Of Hoistway Inspection Control Equipment. Control equipment may be located separate from the elevator. If
this arrangement is used, then the equipment must be enclosed in a locked metal cabinet with
access restricted. Inspection procedures should be as previously described in this chapter. Manual Movement of a Stalled Car. If the elevator is equipped with a device to permit a
qualified person, from a position outside the elevator car, to manually move the car to a landing,
check the operation as follows:
a. Have the power-supply-line disconnecting means opened while the car is between landings
to simulate an unplanned power outage.
b. Operate the device manually and move the car to an adjacent landing.
c. Restore the device and the power-supply-line disconnecting means for manual operation.
2.9.4 Top Of Car Inspection Drive. If the screw machine is located on, or accessible from, the top of the car, proceed
with the inspection in accordance with the procedures previously described in this section. Control Equipment. Control equipment may be located on the car top. Proceed with the
inspection as previously described in this section.


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