Quantcast Car Top Inspection

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3.4.1 Scope
Division 203 of the A17.2 covers most of the inspections made from the top of hydraulic
elevators. Procedures as outlined in Section 2.4.1 are applicable.
3.4.2 Anti-Creep
Item 203.1 of the A17.2 Manual covers the testing of the anti-creep leveling devices. Be
advised, that even though the A17.1 Code and A17.2 Manual relate to a particular anti-creep
device, it is more of a function that is being checked and not a specific device. Most
manufacturers incorporate the anti-creep operation into the normal leveling function using
their usual floor position system. It is important that this anti-creep test be conducted on every
inspection. This function prevents the car from drifting away from the floor. It should function
with the emergency stop in the car in the open position and this should be checked. It should not
operate if the emergency stop switch in the top of car operating device is open.
3.4.3 Car Top
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.4.3 are applicable.
3.4.4 Door Operator
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.4.4 are applicable.
3.4.5 Hoistway Entrances
Procedures and figures as outlined in Section 2.4.5 are applicable.
3.4.6 Covers And Guards
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.4.6 are applicable.
3.4.7 Hoistway Ventilation
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.4.7 are applicable.
3.4.8 Wiring
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.4.8 are applicable.


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