Quantcast Overhead Machinery Space or Machine Room

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3.4.9 Guides
Procedures as outlined in section 2.4.9 are applicable.
3.4.10 Hoistway Housekeeping
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.4.10 are applicable.
3.4.11 Operating Speed
The elevator speed should be checked with a tachometer to verify that the elevator is operating
at rated speed. An elevator operating below rated speed is not providing full service and should
be adjusted. occasionally, an elevator is found operating over the rated speed.
3.5.1 Scope
Division 204 of the A17.2 Manual describes the various inspections that
are made in the machinery space or machine room. However, the inspector must
go beyond these areas and closely examine all the elevator equipment.
3.5.2 Main Line Switch
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.5.2 are applicable.
3.5.3 Relief Valve
The A17.1 Code and A17.2 Manual specifically addresses the inspection requirements for the
relief valve. (The operation of this device prevents the building of pressure in the system beyond
a set limit if for some reason the elevator landed on the stop ring or was blocked from moving up
the hoistway). The certified inspector should follow the steps outlined in the A17.2 Manual as
close as possible to assure nothing is overlooked. Be sure the seal is in place and that it is
properly located. The seal most used is the lead block and wire type, but there are other types
which provide the same degree of security. The seal is used to indicate whether adjustments
have been modified from the set position. Be sure that seals are placed in such a position that it
is broken if adjustment changes are made. Occasionally, seals are found in a position that
modification can be made and the seal remains intact.


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