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3.5.5 Guards
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.5.5 are applicable.
3.5.6 Bearings
A thorough check of the pump motor and pump bearings should be made on each inspection
trip. Problems in these areas do not happen over night. If found early, they can greatly reduce
repair costs and time. Bearing problems are detected by sound and/or heat.
3.5.7 Control Equipment
The A17.2 Manual outlines a complete inspection of the control equipment. Special attention
should be given to the following specific items:
Condition of relay contacts and shunts.
Broken or cracked resistance tubes or resistance grids.
Condition of fuses and that they are sized in accordance with manufacturer's requirements.
Contact arcing and damage resulting from arcing.
Contact alignment.
Excessive heating of coils and resistance and damage resulting from heat.
3.5.8 Machine Room
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.5.12 are applicable.
3.5.9 Machine Room Access
Procedures as outlined in Section 2.5.13 are applicable.
3.6.1 Scope
Division 205 of A17.2 Manual describes the various inspections which are made in the pit.
These should be followed very closely. The beginning of Division 105 describes various safety
precautions that should be followed when making this part of the inspection.
3.6.2 Housekeeping
Procedures as outlined in section 2.6.2 are applicable.


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