Quantcast Chapter 4 Dumbwaiters

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Paragraphs identified with a vertical line in the left margin are inspections that
should be made by certified Vertical Transportation Inspectors only.
4.1.1 Scope
The inspection procedure of dumbwaiters included in this chapter is not only an inspection of
all safety related functions, but is also an inspection to determine the condition of the equipment
and identify areas that need improvement. Proper maintenance is needed to keep the
dumbwaiters operating. When preventative maintenance is lacking, shut downs will occur. See
Figures 4-1 and 4-2, which show various dumbwaiter arrangements with component names
that will be used in this chapter.
4.1.2 Special Criteria
The size of dumbwaiters are restricted by the A17.1 Code. The requirements for dumbwaiters
are considerably different from elevators because the size restrictions are made specifically to
prevent people from riding in dumbwaiters. They are made exclusively to carry material. This
restriction also reflects on inspection of this equipment. Hoistway Inspection. All hoistway inspections are made from the outside of the
hoistway. Hoistway inspections are made by moving the car away from the landing and
observing the hoistway through the open door. Machine Room Inspections. The requirements for location of the dumbwaiter hoisting
equipment are also quite different from those for elevators. This is a direct result of people not
being transported. The A17.1 Code allows the hoisting equipment and control equipment to be
located within the hoistway. It will be found that in the majority of installations, the equipment
will be located in the confines of the hoistway and accessible from access doors. There will be,
however some incidents when you have "walk-in" machine rooms. In this section we will use the
term "machine room" to relate to both locations.


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