Quantcast Installation Of Pipes, wiring, And Ducts In Hoistway

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4.2.13 Installation Of Pipes, wiring, And Ducts In Hoistway
Check the hoistway for the installation of pipes, wiring, and ducts, not related to dumbwaiter
equipment. These are not permitted by Code.
4.2.14 Hoistway Ventilation
Determine that dumbwaiters installed under the 1981 and later editions of the A17.1 Code are
provided with an approved means to prevent the accumulation of smoke and hot gases in case of
fire in accordance with the requirements of the building code. For dumb-waiters installed under
the 1955 edition through the 1980 supplement of the A17.1 Code, check that 1/3 of the required
venting is permanently open or automatically opened by a damper. Portions of the required vents
may be closed with glass. This should consist of plain glass, a maximum of 1/8 inch thick.
Actually check the means for hoistway ventilation. Many times these have been found blocked
either accidentally or intentionally.
4.2.15 Hoistway Housekeeping
The hoistway should be kept clean. Build-up of lint, dirt and trash on beams, ledges, brackets
and hoistway entrance sills presents a serious fire hazard. A spark can and does cause a fast
moving flash fire.
4.2.16 Pit Housekeeping
Determine whether the pit is clear of refuse, water, or combustible material or is being used for
storage. Trash and dirt in the pit is an extreme hazard. Fire potential becomes a great concern.
This not only means dirt on the floor, but it also means dirt and dust on the equipment which can
be considered a health hazard. Be sure they are kept clean and dry. Check the operation of the
pit light.
4.2.17 Pit Stop Switch
Where a pit stop switch is provided, check the type, location, and operation with the car
moving in the up direction. open switch and try to move the car. The car should not move when
this switch is open.
4.2.18 Car Frame (Sling) And Platform
Examine the portion of the car frame accessible from the pit and determine whether all
fastenings, including those between the car frame and the platform are securely in place and that
the frame is not distorted. Examine the frame and platform members and their fastenings.


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