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c. Check that adequate ventilation by natural or mechanical means has been provided to insure
safe and normal operation of the dumbwaiter. Check local codes to see that machine room
ventilation is in compliance. With the newer type of control equipment, ventilation is even more
d. Fire extinguisher, proper class, mounting, and maintenance record tag. They should be
properly mounted and maintained.
e. Machine rooms and machinery spaces are vulnerable areas.
They are assumed to be great storage areas. Navy policy is that they are not to be used for
storage of non-elevator related items. Absolutely no flammable items are permitted. It is the
responsibility of the inspector to insure proper use of these areas.
4.3.17 Machine Room Access
Check that a permanent, safe, and convenient means of access to machine rooms and
machinery spaces have been provided and maintained. Check stairways and ladders to see that
they are stable and secure. Also check to see that the access is not infringed on by building
changes. A prime example would be if air conditioning were added and the contractor had
installed a large duct right through the access right of way requiring the person who enters the
machine room to crawl under the duct. The access door is required to be self-closing and
self-locking and is to be maintained in the closed position. In addition, Navy policy is that the
machine rooms must have controlled access and areas to be secured by lock and key or
combination locks.


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