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An indexing type floor conveyor may also be installed to allow the queueing of carts at a landing.
The carts are then automatically moved into position to be loaded, each cart having an encoded
address to indicate the destination. Tote Box Lift. This type is a small version of the cart lift, utilizing a counter stopping
dumbwaiter which provides for the handling of tote boxes. (See Figure 5-2). Boxes are placed
on a table in front of the lift and the call button is operated. The lift arrives, opens its doors, the
transfer mechanism operates to pull a box into the lift, the doors close, and the lift travels to
another landing. Ejection is the reverse process. Overhead Chain Conveyor Lift. Carriers on a power and free chain conveyor system are
driven by the power chain to a position in front of the lift where a destination signal calls the lift.
(See Figure 5-3). The door opens and a transfer device, either on the lift or at the landing,
operates to transfer the carrier onto the lift which has a mating power conveyor in the overhead.
The door closes and the lift travels. Ejection is in a similar manner. The carrier is equipped with
a fastening device which engages a cart and generally by means of an inclined power chain which
lifts the cart off the floor. This type of device can also be used with a gravity transfer on and off


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