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required to stop the lift, door operation and transfer operation. Check the location of the
switch to see that it is accessible from the landing. Stop switches are also required on
To determine floor-to-floor performance, first find rated speed in the 1st column. Select
standard run time performance time from the adjacent column. Then add this value to the
previously recorded door open and door close time. Adjust this time by adding or subtracting
appropriate amount per foot of travel over or under standard floor height of 12-0". The result
will be the floor-to-floor performance time.
5.2.3 Car Enclosure
These cars do not require a platform. The transfer device may serve as the platform. (See
Figure 5-7). Open areas must be covered with either solid or open material. open material shall
reject a 2" diameter ball. Top exits are not required and the enclosure can also be of grill or
perforated construction. It must be full height to at least 6 feet high. Cars must have a sign
5.2.4 Car Doors
Car doors are not required. The use is usually dependent on the type of transfer device being
used. If provided, the gate must be the full height, up to 6 feet.
5.3.1 Hoistway Entrances
Lifts with automatic transfer devices are required to have power-operated horizontal slide,
power operated vertical slide biparting or power operated vertical slide doors. Cutouts are
permitted in doors to accommodate the transfer device. Be sure to check that shielding is
provided to close the opening if the transfer device does not substantially fill the opening. If the
access to the entrance is in a restricted access area and blocked by a permanently mounted
floor-mounted transfer device, the doors need not be closed and locked until the car is 18" away
from the landing. Also, if the entrance is blocked, a stop switch is required at the entrance in
addition to the one in the car.
5.3.2 Non-Restricted Area
Check the kinetic energy of the discharging load to see that it does not exceed 30 foot pounds
and the speed does not exceed 1-1/2 feet per second. A flashing light or gong is required to
actuate when the door opens prior to transfer. Check that there is no less than a 4 foot clearance


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