Quantcast Chapter 6. Special Application Elevators

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NOTE: Paragraphs identified with a vertical line in the left margin are inspections that should
be made by certified Vertical Transportation Equipment Inspectors only.
6.1.1 Scope
Several types of elevators with special application, covered in separate parts of the A17.1
Code as noted, are included in this section: Power Sidewalk Elevator, Private Residence
Elevators, Special Purpose Personnel Elevators, Inclined Elevators and Handicapped Lifts.
Inspection procedures covered in this section are necessarily general since a wide variety of
equipment types supplied by many difference manufacturers may be encountered. ANSI/ASME
A17.2 Inspectors Manual for Elevators and Escalators does not address the specifics of
inspections for these applications. It does however, cover the approach to inspection and safety
you should follow. In addition, many units you will inspect will be adaptations of conventional
electric traction and hydraulic equipment. The safety aspects of inspection of this equipment are
covered. These should be reviewed and the suggested procedures followed.
6.1.2 Procedure
Every procedure for the equipment variety you will encounter cannot be covered. Use
common sense to apply inspection procedures. One final note: because the equipment you
encounter may be unfamiliar; unique, one-of-a-kind variety; or manufactured by companies not
normally involved in elevator design and installation, be especially careful making inspections on
this type of equipment.
6.2.1 Introduction. Figure 6-1 shows a typical sidewalk elevator arrangement using winding
drum equipment with component names that will be used in this manual. Some installations use
a hydraulic jack to raise and lower the car. The A17.1 Code has specific limiting requirements as
to where and how these devices can be used. These requirements should be reviewed prior to
making an inspection.


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