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Custom Search Operation. With the car door/gate in the open position, actuate the up and down
controls. The car should not move. Check other car controls. Close the car door/gate. Operate
the car, stopping at each landing to make the door tests,previously noted. Buttons should operate
freely and function properly. Check the operation of the emergency stop switch during this
operation of the car. Operating Clearance. As the doors/gates are opened at each floor, notice the relationship
between car and landing sills. Both should be securely fastened and clean. Hoistway doors
should not extend beyond the landing sill. Car and hoistway sills should not be less than 3/4" or
more.than 1-1/2" apart. Space from the hoistway door to the edge of the hoistway sill should not
exceed 2-1/4" and the space between car door/gate and hoistway door may not exceed 5-1/4".
6.4.3 Top Of Car Inspection
If inspection from top of car is not safe or practical the inspection should be made from inside
the car. Top Car Clearance. Extra care must be exercised when determining top car clearance to
prevent injury since the required clearance is only 30 inches from the highest projection of the
car top to the nearest part of the overhead structure. For traction elevators, run the car level with
the top terminal landing and measure the distance from the highest top car projection to the
nearest overhead structure. Subtract from this the total of the counterweight buffer stroke and the
bottom counterweight runby. The result must be 30 inches or greater. For rack and pinion
elevators, from inside the car cause it to travel to its uppermost limit. Then measure the
distance from the highest projection of the car top to the nearest overhead structure. This
distance must be greater than 30 inches. Stop Switch on Top of Car. Place the top car stop switch in the stop position and attempt
to run the car from inside to verify that the switch works. Inspect the switch for compliance with
rule 210.2h. A car top operating device is not required, however, if provided it must comply with
rule 210.2 and be inspected as outlined in item 103.14. Projection of Hoistway Doors Into Hoistway. Check that hoistway face of doors or gates
do not project into hoistway beyond the landing sill, except for locks, signals, operators (Rule
15006b). Guide Rails and Fastenings. Inspect the guide rails land fastenings for well fitting joints
and secure fastening.


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