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Testing data should be specifically documented on the inspector's report that these test have been
performed and the dates the tests were made.
6.5.1 Scope
Part XX of the A17.1 Code covers Inclined Chairlifts and Inclined and Vertical Wheelchair
Lifts. These devices are intended for use by the physically handicapped to facilitate access
through architectural barriers. They are an economical means of providing access especially in
existing structures. Figures 6-4 through 6-7 show typical application of these devices. The Code
does not presently specify a frequency for inspecting these devices. Location of the device
should actually be used to make this determination. Units located outside will need inspections
more frequently than those inside. It is recommended that all devices be inspected at least
every 6 months.
6.5.2 Platform Inspection Platform. Examine the complete assembly with the platform at the lowest level.
Determine that all fastenings are secure and that no components are damaged or bent. Note that
all surfaces are properly painted or otherwise protected. Check guide channels to be sure they are
smooth, not worn or bent and properly greased. Car Gate. Examine gate locks at both levels. Verify that they are securely fastened,
properly aligned, operating freely, clean and free from corrosion. Operation. Open the landing gate, actuate the car control to verify that it will not move.
Verify this same function with the car gate open. Close all gates and press the "up" control. Car
should start in the up direction but stop if pressure on the control is released. During the up
trip verify the following:
a. That protective side screens are properly positioned and secure.
b. That there is no obstruction that might strike a riding passenger.
c. That the ride is smooth and without bumps or jerks.
The platform should stop automatically at the upper landing. verify proper stopping accuracy.
Open car and landing gate and press "down" operational control. The platform should not move.


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