Quantcast Machine Space Inspection

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Close the gates and return to the lower landing. The platform should stop automatically at the
lower level. Open the car and landing gate to verify proper stopping accuracy. Verify proper
operation of the alarm bell. Access Ramp. Some units have an automatic access ramp which rises and locks during
travel. If the unit has such a device, verify that it is suitably adjusted and operates properly.
6.5.3 Landing Inspection Landing Gates. Examine landing gates. Verify that all fastenings are secure, that the
gates swing freely and are not damaged. Gates should be clean and properly painted. Normally,
each landing will have a ramp integral with the landing gate supporting assembly. Check this
ramp for proper fastening and fit. Be sure both ends are flush with adjacent floor or
members and will not obstruct wheel chair or present a tripping hazard to a pedestrian. Operation. With the platform at the lower level, check that the upper level gate cannot
be opened. Actuate the upper level control and verify proper operation. Check side screens for
damage or corrosion. They should be clean and properly painted. Listen while the unit is
operating, for abnormal sounds which might indicate problems with motor, screw drive or
screw drive bearings. Attempt to open the lower landing gate. It should not open with the
platform at the upper level. Actuate the landing control and verify proper operation. Platform. With the platform at the top level, inspect the space under the platform. It
should be clean. Verify that inside surfaces of the side screens are clean and properly painted.
6.5.4 Machine Space Inspection Access. Access to the machine space is normally accomplished by removing a protective
panel. Most units have panels that lift and rotate to remove. Before removing the access panel
disconnect the power supply with the platform at the lower level. Controls. Check the electrical control panel. Power should be provided to the panel
from a lockable electrical disconnect device located adjacent to the unit. The power circuit
should be fused at some point. Wiring should be properly fastened with no loose connections or
unsecured wires. Verify that the unit is properly grounded. Replace the junction box cover.


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