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Determine whether lighting at the landing and for the entire step run is adequate and in
accordance with local codes and ordinances for stairways. If combplate lights are furnished they
should all be in working order. Two green step demarcation fluorescent lamp fixtures, at each
landing, are required on equipment installed under the 1978 and later editions of the code.
7.2.7 Caution Signs
Caution signs should be located at the top and bottom landings for escalators installed under
the 1981 and later editions of the Code, although it is suggested that signs be recommended on
all escalators. See Figure 7-5. The sign should be readily visible to the boarding passengers and
include the following wording:
The sign shall be standard for all escalators and shall be identical in format, size, color, wording,
and pictorials as shown is Figure 7-6. The sign shall be durable and have a maximum thickness
of 1/4" (6.3 mm), with rounded or beveled corners and edges.
7.2.8 Operation
Check the escalator movement in each direction of travel for a smooth operation. Note any
excessive noise or vibration and its location if possible. Check each emergency stop button in
each direction and observe stopping distance.
7.2.9 Skirt Obstruction Device
Physically trip the switch for the skirt obstruction devices. Use a nonmetallic probe between
the step and riser. This check can also be done after steps are removed for the interior inspection.
See Figure 7-7. Actuation should cause the opening of the power circuit to the driving machine
motor and brake.
7.2.10 Skirt To Step Clearance
Check the skirt panel for excessive clearance. See Figure 7-8. This can be done with a rule,
feeler gauges or commercially available devices made especially for this purpose. The clearance
between the step tread and the adjacent skirt panel is required to be not more than the distances
noted in ITEM 300.4 of the A17.2 Manual.


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