Quantcast Slider Bed Support Surfaces

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8.2.5 Treadway Supports Slider Bed Support Surfaces. Slider bed support surfaces shall be reasonably smooth. Roller Bed Support. On roller bed supported treadways the belt tension shall be such
that the deflection of the treadway surface, midway between roller, shall not exceed the quantity
0.094 inches plus 0.004 times the center to center distance of rollers in inches, when the treadway
surface is loaded midway between rollers, with 25 lbs weight concentrated on a cylindrical
footpiece 2 inches long by 1 inch in diameter and placed with its long axis across the belt. (See
Figure 8-5a). Edge Support. On edge supported belts, the treadway belt is transversely rigid and is
supported by rollers along its edges. With the belt tensioned through the take-up system, the
permissible slope of a straight line from the top of a treadway rib adjacent to the centerline of
the treadway to the top of a treadway rib adjacent to the balustrade (in a plane perpendicular to
the path of the treadway) shall not exceed 3% when the treadway is loaded with a 150 lb weight
on a 6 inch by 10 inch plate located on the centerline of the treadway, with the 10 inch dimension
in the direction of treadway travel. (See Figure 8-5b).
8.2.6 Threshold Plates
Inspect the threshold plates and note their condition. Threshold plates should be provided
with a comb. The threshold plate shall be meshed with and set into the grooves in the treadway
surface so the points of the teeth are always below the upper surface of the treadway.
Determine whether the lighting is adequate and uniform at the landings. Landings shall be
illuminated with light intensity of not less than 5 foot candles. The illumination shall be of
uniform intensity and should not contrast materially with that of the surrounding area.
8.2.8 Operation
Check the moving walk in each direction of travel for a smooth operation. Note any
excessive noise or vibration and its location if possible. Check each emergency stop button in
each direction and observe and record the stopping distance.


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