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8.2.9 Skirt To Treadway Clearance
Check the skirt panel for excessive clearance. This can be done with a ruler, feeler gauges or
commercially available devices made especially for this purpose. The clearance between
treadway and adjacent skirt panel is required to be not more than 1/4 inch at either side. This
requirement is for equipment installed under the 1971 and later editions of the A17.1 Code.
8.2.10 Start Switch
Check the key-operated switch in the run position. If the key can be left in the run position or
removed in the run position, check that the emergency stop buttons will function properly and the
moving walks will not restart when the emergency stop buttons are released. Where automatic
starting devices are provided, check that they are nonfunctional after the emergency stop buttons
are released.
8.3.1 Scope
Division 410 of the A17.2 Manual covers operational inspections and tests. It is required that
these inspections and tests be performed every 12 months.
8.3.2 Machinery Space
Permanent electric lighting and a 20 Amp ground type 110 V duplex receptacle shall be
provided in every remote machine room. The illumination shall be not less than 10 foot candles
at the floor level. The lighting control switch shall be located within easy reach of the access to
such rooms. Where practicable, the light control switch shall be located on the lock jamb side of
the access door. Where the machine is located in the truss, a permanent 20 Amp grounding type
110 V duplex receptacle accessibly located with the machine area of the truss shall be provided
to accommodate a drop cord light. Determine whether the machinery space is clean and free of
oil and debris.
8.3.3 Controls
Examine controller visually to determine that it is clean and that contacts of magnetically
operated contactors and relays and the electrical connections thereto are in good condition.
Determine that the fuses are in place and have not been jumped or otherwise tampered with.
Where there is more than one driving machine in a room, check that each disconnect switch
or circuit breaker is numbered to correspond to the number of the driving machine which it


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