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9.1.3 Use
The hoists are used to transport materials and personnel from one point to another vertically
during the construction, alteration and/or demolition phases of a project. The devices are
transported to a site, erected, used, dismantled and moved to the next site. They are usually
operated exclusively by certain trained, designated operating personnel when transportation of
materials or personnel is required. No persons other than such employees are permitted to
operate the hoist unit. No personnel are allowed to ride a material hoist manufactured and
erected in accordance with requirements of the A10.5 Standard. Materials may be transported on
hoists manufactured and erected in accordance with requirements of the A10.4 Standard.
9.1.4 Applicable Safety Standards
The applicable safety standards for the construction, maintenance, inspection and operation of
hoists are contained in the ANSI A10.4 Safety Requirements for Personnel Hoists and the A10.5
Safety Requirements for Material Hoists.
9.1.5 Inspection Interval
It is recommended that periodic inspections of the hoists be conducted at intervals not to
exceed 90 days.
9.2.1 Hoistway Enclosure
When the hoist is located outside of the structure, hoistway enclosure may be omitted except
at the lowest landing and on the building side of the hoistway. Any area that is adjacent to
scaffolding must be enclosed. Hoists located inside a structure shall be fully enclosed unless they
pierce no solid floors. Any area that is accessible to personnel must be protected. Material
hoists shall not be used together with personnel hoists in multiple hoistways. Check the tower
fastenings to see that they remain secure.
9.2.2 Landings
Railings and toeboards are required on open sides of landing platforms or runways. All
platforms exposed to falling objects must be protected. These areas must be kept clear.


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