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Man Lift found to be unsafe shall not be operated until properly repaired. Limit switches should
be checked weekly. The sample Belt Manlift Inspection Report included at the end of this
chapter was taken from the appendix of the A90.1 Standard should be utilized for recording the
weekly and monthly inspections.
10.2.1 Controlled Access
When manlifts are located in buildings, such as parking garages, to which the public has
access, make certain they are located in an enclosure protected by self-closing, spring-locked
doors, at all floors to which the public has access. Keys to such doors shall be limited to
employees. In lieu of spring-locked doors, which require a key, a magnetic-type lock is
permitted if the actuating pushbutton is located not less than seven feet above the floor in an
inconspicuous location.
10.2.2 Floor Openings
Floor openings for a manlift should be uniform in size, be approximately circular, and be
located vertically above the opening below it. Floor openings for both up and down runs should
generally conform to the following:
Belt Width
Floor Opening Width
(in inches)
(in inches)
28 - 32
34 - 48
36 - 40
Floor openings should extend not less than 24 inches nor more than 28 inches from the face of
the belt.
Adequate lighting of not less than three foot-candles should be provided at each floor landing
at all times when the manlift is in operation. Check with a calibrated light meter. Both runs of a
manlift should be illuminated at all times when it is in operation. A level of not less than one
foot-candle should be maintained at all points.
10.2.4 Landings
The floor space adjacent to floor openings should be free from obstruction and kept clear at all


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