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10.2.16 Speed
The manlift speed should not exceed 80 feet per minute. Measure it with a hand held
tachometer running on the belt.
10.2.17 Steps Size. Steps or platforms should be not less than 12 inches nor more than 14 inches
deep, measured from the belt to the edge of the step or platform. The width of a step or platform
should not be less than the width of the belt to which it is attached. Spacing. The distance between steps should be equally spaced and not less than nine
feet, measured from the upper surface of one step to the upper surface of the step above it. Surface. The surface of step should approximately make a horizontal position with the
up and down-run of the belt. The upper or working surfaces of steps should be of a material
having inherent nonslip characteristics or be covered completely by a securely fastened nonslip
tread. Strength. When subjected to a load of 400 pounds applied at the approximate center
of the step, step frames or supports and their guides should be of adequate strength to prevent any
of the following:
a. The disengagement of any step roller.
b. Any appreciable misalignment.
c. Any visible deformation of a step or its support. Inspection. No step should be provided unless there is a corresponding handhold
above or below it. If a step is removed permanently for repairs, the handholds immediately
above and below it should be removed before the lift is again placed in service. Inspect each step
platform and report any damaged or deficient units.
10.2.18 Handholds
Handholds attached to a belt must be provided and so installed that they are not less than four
feet nor more than four feet eight inches, above the step tread, and shall be so located as to be
available on both the up and down-run of the belt. The grab surface of handholds should be not
less than 4-1/2 inches in width.


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