Quantcast Stopping Devices

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Fastenings should not come within one inch of the edge of the belt. Handholds should be the
closed type to minimize the possibility of fingers, rings, bracelets, and watch bands getting
caught in them. Handholds must be capable of withstanding without damage a load of 300
pounds applied parallel to the run of the belt. No handhold can be provided without a
corresponding step. If a handhold is removed permanently or temporarily, the corresponding
step and handhold for the opposite direction of travel must also be removed before the lift is
placed in service. Inspect all handholds and report any deficiencies.
10.2.19 Stopping Devices Up Limit Stop. Two separate automatic stop devices should be provided to cut off the
power and set the machine brake when a loaded step passes the upper terminal landing. One
automatic stop device shall consist of a switch mechanically operated by the belt or step roller.
The other shall consist of one of the following:
a. A roller switch placed above and out of line with the first limit switch.
b. A photocell and light source (electric eye).
c. A switch actuated by a lever, rod, or plate, the latter placed above the head pulley so as to
just clear a passing step. After the manlift is stopped it shall be necessary to reset the automatic
stop manually. The device shall be so located at the top landing that a person resetting it shall
have a clear view of both the up and down-runs of the manlift. It shall not be possible to reset
the device from any step or platform. The stopping device shall function so that the manlift is
stopped before the loaded step has reached a point 24 inches above the top terminal landing. Down Limit Stop. An automatic stop device shall be provided to cut off the power
and apply the brake if a loaded step passes the bottom terminal landing. Emergency Stop. An emergency stop means shall be provided. The stop means shall
be within easy reach of the ascending and descending runs of the belt and shall be so connected
with the control lever or operating mechanism that it cuts off the power and applies the brake
when pulled in the direction of travel. The stop device may consist of a cotton rope with
a wire center, manila or sisal rope, or may be made of suitable lengths of metallic pipe or tubing.
If rope if used, it should be not less than 3/8 inch in diameter. The emergency stop may be used
for normal starting and stopping, where the manlift does not run continuously.


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