Quantcast Chapter 11. Automobile Lifts

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11.1.1 Scope
The inspection procedure of automobile lifts included in this chapter is not only an inspection
of all safety related functions, but is also an inspection to determine the condition of the
equipment and identify areas that need improvement. Proper maintenance is needed to keep the
lift operating. When preventive maintenance is lacking, shutdowns will occur. Safety, as well
as maintenance and performance considerations of the inspection, will be addressed in the
following text. See Figures 11-1 and 11-2, which show typical automobile lift arrangements with
component names that will be used in this chapter.
11.1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this inspection is to review the entire lift installation to ascertain that the
equipment is being properly maintained and is in a safe operating status. Because of the wide
spread use and exposure to the public, the inspection should be directed toward those areas of
greatest exposure and directly related to the safe operation by the user personnel.
11.1.3 Use
Automobile lifts are used to raise motor vehicles for the purpose of servicing the underside.
They are provided for the exclusive use of certain designated personnel.
11.2.1 General - Safety Precautions
If there is an adjacent lift (or lifts), be careful to remain within the limits of the operating
space of the lift being inspected. Be alert to actions and activities of personnel operating lifts
which may be located adjacent to the lift you are inspecting.
11.2.2 Lift Platform
Determine that the lift yokes, drive-in saddles, and rail structures are structurally sound and
are securely fastened.


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